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Some users who have updated to OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, 10.10.4, or 10.10.3 have discovered that Finder will misbehave wildly, sometimes becoming wildly slow and unresponsive, crashing, or using inordinately high CPU.Given that Finder is a critical component of the Mac and nearly all OS X users rely on it for file system navigation, Finder trouble can be pretty frustrating, but fortunately the issues seen with Finder in OS X Yosemite are generally very easy to resolve.Otherwise you can open the registry with the button below, and move up the keys, appending some spaces before the name.Irritatingly, it now seems that Dropbox is inserting 3 spaces before the names of its Overlay Icon Handlers....Launch Terminal app from Spotlight or /Applications/Utilities/, and use the following command exactly: Hit return to execute the command.All this does is move the Finder plist file to the users desktop, you can use the rm command if you want instead, we’re sticking with mv because it’s safer for general users.

This will do the same thing in the registry but not manually.

On Windows 10, most of the entries are used by One Drive and you won't have permission to remove them. Now give yourself "Full Control" and then apply it. As in current recommended answer mentioned, you need to sort the entries of the overlay identifiers in the registry.

In order to do so, right click on the entry (Example: "One Drive1", then click "Advanced", then click the link labled "Change" at the very top next to "Owner". I haven't deleted those One Drive or Google Drive entries but renamed all Tortoise Folders by adding 3 spaces to bring them on top. In a few more versions, we'll fall of the east edge of the screen. I fixed my problems with Tortoise SVN icons not showing up in Windows 10, for the special case where my repository was on a removable drive.

so I needed to renamed my Tortoise SVN Icon Handlers to have 4 spaces at the front. In my case it did not matter if the scales were the same or different; what mattered was the scale itself. to 1.9.4, I had to right-click on the folders in Explorer that were mapped to SVN and choose SVN Upgrade working copy.

This is just a war of attrition :(This was the case for me. For example, 150% on one monitor was okay on that monitor, but 100% on the other was not. Only after allowing the upgrade "to the new 1.8 format" did the icon overlays re-appear. It seems there may have been an override in place before (see stackoverflow.com/a/21636584/550712) For anyone using Windows 10, there's a request in Feedback Hub to get Microsoft to fix this issue.

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If Finder is working enough that you can use it, you’ll be able to quickly move or trash the Finder plist file: Yes, you should reboot the entire Mac, simply restarting Finder process itself does not seem to do help.

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